About Us

NarwhalPay (NARWHAL FINTECH CORPORATION) is a dynamic tech startup based in the Philippines with a commitment to innovation and financial inclusivity. Our range of solutions is designed to help businesses and individuals participate in the digital economy seamlessly and securely.

The company is composed of passionate entrepreneurs and professionals with a solid background in banking and financial services. Our team aims to give the best quality of life to Filipinos through technology innovations. The company aims to globally scale its business strategies to close the gap between the unbanked and banked in performing digital transactions.

Our flagship solution, NarwhalPay, is a cutting-edge payment gateway which has an ongoing OPS (Operator of Payment System) license application under BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). With NarwhalPay, our clients can enjoy a secure and user-friendly payment experience. 

At NarwhalPay, we are dedicated to using the latest technologies to support our three core values: innovation, financial inclusivity, and risk management. Join us in our mission to build a better, more financially inclusive world with Narwhal Fintech.

Our Mission

To empower all Filipinos by providing an accessible and seamless digital payment solution that facilitates safe, efficient, and inclusive financial transactions. We are committed to eliminating the barriers to digital payment adoption, fostering financial literacy, and propelling our nation towards a digitally empowered future.

Our Vision

To be a catalyst for economic growth, financial empowerment, and technological advancement by providing a cutting-edge payment solution while driving innovation and transformation in the global payments landscape.

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